Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you take the back roads to the Hill Country in the summer, ride to the Sturgis rally every August or simply enjoy touring local area roads on the weekends, your motorcycle provides much more than a means of transportation. It makes a statement about who you are and where you’re going—or at least how you’re going to get there!

Motorcycle insurance can make your ride even more carefree. It will protect you and your bike from the risks associated with sharing the road with other motorists. You can trust the independent agents at Total Coverage Insurance to find the right coverage at the right price.

Cheap motorcycle insurance may sound like a good deal, but will you have the coverage you need? Since we represent multiple insurance companies, we are able to offer you choices you wouldn’t find elsewhere, which means you have more freedom to select the best protection to match your needs at the best possible price.

Coverage for Whatever You Ride

Total Coverage Insurance offers:

  • Touring motorcycle insurance
  • Insurance for your motorbike (sport bike, dirt bike, crotch rocket)
  • Vintage bike insurance
  • Tricked-out custom bike insurance
  • Moped, motor bike and scooter insurance

Rather than simply help you compare available policies, our agents work to ensure that the coverage you choose provides the maximum protection you need. After all, motorbike insurance should protect against more than just damage to your ride – the proper policy should also address liability and medical bills stemming from an accident.

Contact Us for Personal Advice on Your Motorbike Insurance Needs

Buying motorcycle insurance online can be tempting: it’s easy and quick to purchase coverage. Making a purchase without the right guidance carries its own risks. You may be left paying too much for insurance that doesn’t adequately provide the protection you need.

For more than 20 years we have helped bikers in Texas secure the protection they need. We have the knowledge and insight to help you compare quotes, understand the offered coverage and select the policy that makes the most sense to you. We can also help you explore available insurance policy discounts to save even more of your hard earned money.