Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Legislation

Minimum requirements for automobile insurance differ from state to state. When you factor in the requirements of the lending institution and the need to reduce your risks and liabilities, shopping for automobile insurance can be confusing. Our representatives will answer your questions so you can make the right decision for your needs. We promise to help make the process simple and easy and get you the best possible price.

Safeguard Your Investment

Although a car is not considered a typical investment, this is the second most expensive purchase most people make. You want to make sure you get the most out of your coverage. You may have questions like:

  • Do I have rental coverage?
  • What is my deductible?
  • What happens in a single-car accident?

All these scenarios can influence the price of your auto insurance coverage and will be taken into consideration in the quote process.

Insurance and Financing

All financed vehicles must have full insurance coverage (comprehensive and collision) in place prior to the car leaving the dealership and must be maintained for the life of the loan. We can help you get the coverage required and in a timely manner.

Our agents will help you make the right choice … FOR YOU.

Information Needed to Start a Quote

Listed below are items you will want to have handy when submitting your online quote:

  • Copy of Current Policies (if applicable), including expiration date and coverage amounts
  • Name, Date of Birth, Driver’s License Number, and Social Security Number (not required, but recommended for most accurate quote) of each person on policy
  • Vehicle information – VIN # or Year, Make and Model of each vehicle
  • Home Information – including any recent updates
  • Tickets, Accidents or Homeowners Claims in last 5 years