Business Insurance

Choosing business insurance for your business can be a daunting task. Our team will help you find answers to demystify business insurance and help you insure your investment.
Learn us help you choose:

  • commercial general liability insurance
  • property insurance
  • workers’ compensation insurance
  • liability insurance
  • health insurance

to protect your employees and family, while insuring your business continues into the future.

We strive to make getting a quote simple. Giving us an overview of your needs is a great start to help build a comprehensive plan to protect your business.

What Types of Business Insurance Can You Buy?

You can purchase business insurance for nearly every operation and risk your business faces. In fact, with so many options available, it is hard to determine what type of coverage you need. Our team can help you get started today.

At Total Coverage Insurance, we have industry-specific insurance expertise with:

  • antique dealers & auctioneers
  • attorneys & accountants
  • banks & financial institutions
  • consultants & professionals
  • contractors & builders
  • condominium associations & residential rental property
  • churches & places of worship
  • electricians, plumbers & HVAC contractors
  • food growers
  • manufacturers
  • landscapers
  • home businesses
  • hotels
  • real estate appraisers
  • restaurants
  • technology related industries

Our agents will help you make the right choice.